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A Promotion for Me



Yehey! I have an announcement to make guys!  I just got promoted as manager in our company. Okay so i have been with the company for almost six years already and I was promoted by our team organizer as manager. He announced it last night during our party and I was really shocked to know that somehow they saw my solid work and agreement with company. As they announced my endorsement as executive to our division, my boss named Lina also handed me a gift. When I opened it last night, i was shocked to see a couple of best wooden watches  with my name and the name of the company on it and I was really happy to receive it. I started with the company as a sales person. I was an agent and I did hit the targets they give me.  I now consider it as the best wood watch ever. After two years I was promoted as an assistant to the hiring manager and now I am on my way to being the manager. I am really thank you for my boss how saw all the work that I have done in the business. I pride myself for completing jobs tasked for me and the projects I also accomplished. I once accomplished a great campaign for some renowned clients and they were contented with the result, which also led to our company landing more business due to referrals and their gained trusts on me.

Impressive facial product

When I think of how life would have been without this Vitamin c serum for face— I literally shudder at the thought of what could have been, at what I might have turned into had I never this thoughts make me suffer, this thought of the fact that I could have been in such an unhealthy place, and then it was so close to being there, and that my skin could have been so much less healthy and that, in turn, my mental state would not be nearly as positive visit is now. Human existence is so fragile and frail and it’s hard to think of what could be and it’s hard to think of how many things could have happened that would have made things better and how many things would have happened that would have made things worse. Like, if I would have started using a vitamin C serum like this 10 years previous to when I did, who knows what kind of success I might have had if I felt better about myself already. However, that’s not what happened, and all I should be doing is being grateful for the fact that I found it eventually, because now my skin is so soft and smooth and it is impressive and I feel so good about the way that I look and there is no negative downside of this inside.




The Greatest Gift Idea



I always look forward to the birthday of my mother. My mother is turning 60 this year and I am excited to give her a special gift as she welcomes her senior year.

I remember the time when I had my first job I bought a really nice bag for my mother. It wiped my paycheck but I am not regretting that decision. When I presented it to her, she was really surprised. I think I even saw a glint of tear in her eyes because it was her first time to receive a gift from me. Before, I only give my mother birthday cards but that’s only that I can afford. After that fir every year during her special day, I always make time to purchase special gift for her and each year- she is always surprised with my gift. Two years ago, I gave her a really nice poncho which she used when we went to Australia. I also gave her a shawl five years ago. Last year, I gave her an nice blender so she can pursue her dream of becoming a chef. She even baked cookies and cakes for us. This year, I saw wooden watches from Zegarki being sold online which I think will fit for her. She loves watches and I never gifted her with one so I think this wood watch can be added to her growing collection of watches in her cabinet.

Removing negativity

Buying Gifts for Cancer Patients is not easy, especially in the world of healing tools. However, some of these crystals do Crossover with each other. Can we be tranquil without protection, in the world that we live in? I seriously doubt it, and even if I can, that doesn’t mean with the people I know that are suffering the most from them can. And that is what is so important, the fact that even though I might be able to power through and exist,  begins to act as a mere reminder that those that I know that are suffering the most, they do not feel the same protection in power that I may feel, unless it is cultivated through the cooperation of people like me, they’re friends and allies, who have compassion to spare. My compassion, can help them feel and be protected. And the more I give, the more exist, and there is no subtraction in that equation, it is generous to someone else, it gives them compassion and protection, and it does not take any of mine away. If anything, it creates more positive energy in my life, for being generous with these things, rather than removes them from my sphere.

Calling camera crazy geeks

The rise of the Photo filter and corresponding app makes for a point in history where the amateurs equipment is significantly more affordable, and not significantly less capable of creating amazing things. Now, I’ll admit, that when you’re a professional photographer, your disposals go beyond a repertoire of camera filter apps and other such things. No, when you’re a professional, you have tens of thousands of dollars of lenses in gear. You can still use this to your advantage, and as a matter of fact, you must.
Look, I am not one to stand in the way of progress, and I am all for the camera filter Revolution when it comes to photography. Yes, I care a lot about photography. I care about it so much that I’m so interested to see where it goes now that it has become a whole new ballgame. Trust me, I’m a purist and some ways. I’m still going to continue using my lenses and Equipment. But, if people want to try to rival that quality with their cell phone and a great app that gives them an array of features that they can play with, power to them. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that, on the contrary, I think it is actually pretty amazing, and it is a testament to the time we live in, and the will of people.  Basically, people wanted something bad enough, and they got it. It was not that long ago that to take a high definition picture you needed to spend a lot of money, well, if you wanted to do that on a regular basis, at least. However, now we are at a point where that is not necessary at all. In fact, basically anybody can do it, with any amount of money, as long as they can afford a smartphone. Not quite any smartphone, but most of the major brands now have cameras of incredible resolution. The photos that people can take on their smartphones are amazing.


Similarities of Amazon Prime in Canada and in America

Last but not least, you can even get Early Access, or what they call lightning-quick deals, or at least some people call them that, using Amazon Prime. Basically, this gives you the privilege of accessing products before others, and who is Captain especially healthy if it is going to be a highly in demand product, or if it is on sale. Amazon Prime members will get at least half an hour before other members of the public will be able to purchase these items off of Amazon. Now, Amazon student brings things to a whole new level. If you are a student, you have no excuse to not purchase Amazon Prime Canada. Honestly, that might sound a bit blunt, but it is actually how I feel about this matter. Seriously, if you’re not sure if you’re going to use it or not, why don’t you try giving it a six-month free discount, for your free 2-day shopping, you’re free fast delivery options, your Twitch Prime, and even more. I don’t know if you’re into this kind of thing, but if I know that if you’re into a good deal, you will absolutely be purchasing Amazon Prime. And, to be honest, the only reason that I didn’t start advocating for Amazon Prime earlier, is that they didn’t have Prime Video available in Canada and they didn’t the United States, and this is one service that I thought was very valuable, and it was not offered to Canadians, even though the price between Canadian Amazon Prime and American Amazon Prime was actually quite similar. So, it was easy to have a sour taste in my mouth about this kind of thing, as I’m sure, as a Canadian, you will absolutely understand.

Finding the perfect average

For whatever reason come I started using a grade calculator, and it’s a very good thing for me. It’s helped me a lot in my academic Journey so far and I think I could recommend it for almost anyone. Now, I’m not somebody who cares about their grades of a huge amount, but I do care about them a little bit. I think all students do care about them a little bit. I think even students that think they don’t care, would suddenly start to care if they failed their final exam and ended up losing their credits for that course, losing the money that it cost to take that course and having to pay to do it all over again. Nobody wants that box but on their transcript, and nobody wants to have to pay twice to do the same thing all over again, when if they would have just focused a little more on their final exam, they could have passed, at the very minimum. That’s why I think that these web sites are so useful for anybody. Because they also work for overachievers, who wants a maintaining perfect average, or close to her at least, so that they know their margin for error and going into their final exam and they know how a slightly poorer mark on it would or would not affect their final grade in a drastic way. There are all sorts of uses for final grade percentage calculators and this is absolutely the best one, so I suggest using it if you’re a student. There’s no downside, I swear, I like I said I’m not a die-hard student, but I do care, and if you care, which you should, you should be using the website like this every now and then before your final exams…

Why I Will Stick With Hiring Services from Outsource

In case you haven’t been able to tell, I am a major proponent of software outsourcing. I only say so because it has made such a nice effect on my businesses. The effect has been completely positive, which was strange, because I had heard a lot of bad things about Outsourcing in the past. I had heard some strange myths, saying that it would negatively impact the employee attitude around the office. In my experience, Outsourcing has always done the exact opposite. If it’s done correctly, Outsourcing is a great way of alleviating, or eliminating, the worst tasks from the office, and instead of allocating them to a specialist who can do them in a very good way. As a manager, I am very high on the idea of allowing each employee to exercise their core competency as much as possible. In a workplace setting, that is a very utopian point of view, and I realize that it’s never going to fully happen. But if we can make it happen more often, and cultivate an environment where it occurs more regularly naturally, I believe that employees will be in a better mood, and productivity will see significant levels of increasing. This is just my experience talking, but I always see that when core competencies are allowed to thrive, workplace environments and moral goes up significantly. When you take away the thing that is making people unhappy at work, and put that responsibility into the hands of an outside, 3rd party organization who specializes in doing it well, you’re adding immense layers of value to your organization– immense layers. If you’re refusing to do that, I think you’re just being stubborn. There is no reason to ignore a Surefire way to create more profit within your organization. If you’re not sure what to give to Outsourcing, then ask a professional consultant.

Winter is here, there and everywhere

Winter is here, there and everywhere

You wake up, turn on the TV, unlock your phone, check your social media, read the newspaper and there are pretty winter images everywhere. Then, you realize you either miss winter or you are starting feeling how cold the climate is becoming. There is an endless source of winter inspiration during almost the whole year although the seasons do not coincide all over the Earth. When it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other way round.

The marvels of everyday communication

We can have a preview of what the weather and culture are like in other places of the world just by having access to certain devices that allow us to get in touch with other people all around the globe. This means that maybe you are having an amazing holiday in Brazil near the beach getting a suntan but still, you can have a look at how your acquaintances from Ireland are making snowmen with their friends and that is all because of the constant internet connectivity.


A Business for Sustainability

So, I was searching around the web looking for sustainable businesses, and I found this one: I think that it’s amazing. I think that this product is exactly what the world needs more of. Sustainable, efficient, and all sorts of other good words. I can’t think of enough good things to say about projects like this, and I wish the world were more ready to embrace sustainability and efficiency like this company is clearly willing to do. But, it doesn’t seem like they’re sacrificing. It seems like they are using this quality and integrity to enter a market that is specifically tailored to people who care about this kind of thing, and which ends up being a lot more people than we imagined. Actually, it seems to be a lot of educated people with money, too. Or, young people who are willing to spend more money to make sure that the products they buy do not go against their core values. More and more, I see the ideas of mass production and environmental degradation being against the core values of a lot of this new generation of people, so a lot of people will pay more to do something that is sustainable. These scooters made by this company are absolutely incredible and they are completely electrically-operated, which means they don’t pollute. They don’t create any pollution. The whole goal of the company is to create a product that allows people to have a healthy relationship with their City, their neighbors, themselves and their natural world, and I see that manifesting very clearly through the way that they produce these scooters. I think it’s amazing. I think more companies should be like this. I hope more companies become like this.