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Designing Your Website



If you are going to do Internet Marketing then Vancouver SEO consulting will assist with the most important feature which is the website. It is here that the world meets you and what services or products that you are offering. They don’t know you but how you design and present yourself on the web is through your website. If it looks unprofessionally designed not only will the visitor not surf through your website but they will probably regards you as a Spam.




The website that you design must be targeted and designed for a specific age group or cultural group. In other words if you would like to sell products to teenagers the design and appearance will be completely different to the design you would use for parents or an older group.


Once you have decided to which group you are targeting that is when you decide which theme you are going to use. In the theme there are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration from the colour of the background, the types of photos or pictures that you are going to use to come across as interesting to the people that visit you site.


When one uses photos you need to be very careful that published photos are not used because they have copy right and that would create problems for you. This is another reason why it is best to use professionals such as Vancouver SEO consulting.




Once you have completed the theme then it is time to decide on the content that you will be using on your website. Your Content needs to be concise, well written with power words, key words which is probably the most important because that is how websites are found through search engines. These search are very complex and one needs to careful that you use these according to the guidelines or your website could be penalised and you stand to lose your ranking.




When designing a website it is the features that require a lot of expertise such as creating back links. These are the links that bring visitors back to your website as they are searching for products or services. These are written into the website and if you are not a professional in this field like Vancouver SEO consulting then it would be worth every cent spent to get them to design your web page.


How Does West Vancouver Real Estate Hold Up Against Other Cities?

Anyone with any knowledge of the West Vancouver real estate market and Vancouver realtor knows that the place is enjoying a lot of attention from people of neighboring cities and buyers from various foreign countries. If you are planning a property purchase in the place, you must be curious to know how the West Vancouver real estate market compares with that of other places. Read on to get a brief idea about the same.

More expensive

Vancouver is one of the most livable places in the world, and you will not find too many properties within the budget segment. This is basically the reason why condos are getting more and more popular in the place. The cost of condos are typically similar to that of 1994, which is impossible apparently but makes a lot of sense when you consider that the size of typical condos is getting reduced with time. An average condo is around half the size of a mid-90s counterpart in Vancouver.

Shorter supply

The slump in housing and construction after the 2008 recession has led to a shortage of supply – as far as properties are concerned. Many West Vancouver realtors say that the West Vancouver real estate market is going through a classical phase of shorter supply and higher demand at present – which is a big reason why property prices are skyrocketing in this place. The higher number of property buyers is not being matched with enough housing activities.

Increase in home buying

Although it sounds peculiar, the home buying activities in the place are going through a boom phase. There has been a spurt in home purchase activities and this is going to last for a while, considering the intervention of the Federal Reserve and a subsequent reduction of mortgage rates by a substantial measure. With lower mortgage rates, even marginal buyers will be able to qualify for home buying.

More reliance on online tools

The reliance on online technology and tools is greater in places like West Vancouver, which is especially the case with any city which has many foreign buyers coming in for settlement purposes. Integration with MLS Vancouver always helps. At present, there are many real estate agencies with own websites consisting of 3 D images of properties, powerful software apps to send notifications to smartphones and other portable devices, email communication and SMS marketing among other useful tools. As a foreign property buyer, you can easily get news and notifications about the types of properties you are interested in.

The Most Common Misconceptions about Beacons

Beacons have been trending since June 2013. Ever since beacons were launched, there has been large-scale deployment and dozens of trials of the same with major brands also jumping on the beacon bandwagon. While there has been an extensive buzz around beacons, we have realized that the available information available about these devices is very little.

Currently, beacons are only used in retail marketing.

SEO Hero, Indexsy

iBeacon, just like any other technology, is not short of misinterpretation and cross-reading. This might be due to the fact that there is very little information available on beacons. Here are some of the most disturbing misconceptions around beacons.

  • There is no difference between Beacons and iBeacon

When it comes to beacons, the most disturbing misunderstanding is that beacons and iBeacon is the same thing. However, the truth is that a beacon is a hardware device, which makes use of iBeacon technology. iBeacon is not actually a product but it’s a technology. It’s a system that Apple has built into their latest version of iOS 7 mobile operating system. Apple is planning to use iBeacon as their trademark for their future BLE products as well as systems. iBeacon not only allow both iPhones and iPads to continually scan for Bluetooth devices that are nearby, but it also allows them to emit beacon signals to stimulate apps on other iOS devices.

  • You must have an app to use beacons

While one type of beacon requires you to have an app, it’s not necessarily true that you must have an app for you to use beacons. You can bypass the app by using the Eddystone –URL, which is also called the Physical Web beacons protocol. Eddystone-URL eliminates the need for an app and therefore, it allows you to use the features of the iBeacon without having to install an app on your device.

By using the iBeacon frame, Eddystone can wake up apps on both Apple’s iOS and Googe’s Android. This actually means that just like the iBeacon, Eddystone can also leverage the ability to wake up apps on iOS.

One of the biggest myths that surround beacons is that Bluetooth drains the phone battery. In reality, beacons broadcast a Bluetooth Low Energy signal, which is also known as Bluetooth Smart and sometimes called Bluetooth 4.0, which is actually designed to significantly reduce power consumption. You can’t actually compare Bluetooth Smart with the old Bluetooth when it comes to power consumption. Simply put, Bluetooth Smart or BLE does not drain phone battery as you might have heard or thought.


So, I’ve noticed that as the years have gone by, a lot more folks have become chiropractors

So, I’ve noticed that as the years have gone by, a lot more folks have become chiropractors. Now, this used to be a pretty rare sort a doctor that only existed in sometimes you had to travel pretty far to go and see one.  These days it seems like they’re a dime a dozen. If you’re looking for a Raleigh chiropractor, I’m sure that you will be confounded and confused  when trying to choose one to visit, if you’ve never gotten someone before, or if one you’ve seen in the past hasn’t been sufficient. If you’re in this boat, I have a few tips. First of all, don’t go and see a chiropractor in unless they have proper certifications.


What are the top charts telling about the app store rankings?

What are the top charts telling about the app store rankings?

There are charts with the results of the statistics about the success of the app ranking. The ranks of the two platforms Android and iOS have different charts and the one from iOS was way better than the one from Android. In order to control the effect of the numerical ranking on volatility, the ranking was standardized on the percent change. The App Store rankings have changed for over 72% for 24 hours, and that affected also the daily ranking which moved at the same direction for 2/3 of the time. This suggested that the customers and the stores have a lot in common.