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Removing negativity

May 23, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized

Buying Gifts for Cancer Patients is not easy, especially in the world of healing tools. However, some of these crystals do Crossover with each other. Can we be tranquil without protection, in the world that we live in? I seriously doubt it, and even if I can, that doesn’t mean with the people I know that are suffering the most from them can. And that is what is so important, the fact that even though I might be able to power through and exist,  begins to act as a mere reminder that those that I know that are suffering the most, they do not feel the same protection in power that I may feel, unless it is cultivated through the cooperation of people like me, they’re friends and allies, who have compassion to spare. My compassion, can help them feel and be protected. And the more I give, the more exist, and there is no subtraction in that equation, it is generous to someone else, it gives them compassion and protection, and it does not take any of mine away. If anything, it creates more positive energy in my life, for being generous with these things, rather than removes them from my sphere.