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What are the top charts telling about the app store rankings?

March 5, 2011 by Posted in: Uncategorized

What are the top charts telling about the app store rankings?

There are charts with the results of the statistics about the success of the app ranking. The ranks of the two platforms Android and iOS have different charts and the one from iOS was way better than the one from Android. In order to control the effect of the numerical ranking on volatility, the ranking was standardized on the percent change. The App Store rankings have changed for over 72% for 24 hours, and that affected also the daily ranking which moved at the same direction for 2/3 of the time. This suggested that the customers and the stores have a lot in common.

  1. App ranking volatility

The chart has shown that the app store rankings were more correlated with the app’s current rank and it consisted of the top 500 apps in Google Play and App Store.

With anticipation of the rankings we can see that the app that is ranked on the 450th place in the list can go higher the next days than the app ranked as 30th. This means that those apps that are ranked higher have more users, installs and rating, so it would take time to notice shifting up in the list, since they will need quiet large number in order to see the change.


  1. Comparison of the apps in the both stores

The charts from the results have shown that the rankings are volatile in a period of 24 hours.

When we compare the top 100 apps from Google Play and the top 100 from App Store we can see some turbulence in the ranking. The lower ranked apps were more than 5 times volatile than those ranked higher. The connection between volatility and rank is consistent and has influence on the ranking in the stores. Now the process is pretty much fastened and easier, so users can rate the apps any time and get ranking results fast.



  1. App Store rankings with the stars

The connection between the rank and star rating relates to the factors that are most influential in the ranking. The average ranking shows what is the average use of the app among the users.

The users get the chance to rate the apps with giving stars to the app they use. The higher number of stars means higher ranking. So, if an app has a previous version, the users might not like the newer one and the ranking will be automatically lower.