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Winter is here, there and everywhere

March 1, 2017 by Posted in: Winter

Winter is here, there and everywhere

You wake up, turn on the TV, unlock your phone, check your social media, read the newspaper and there are pretty winter images everywhere. Then, you realize you either miss winter or you are starting feeling how cold the climate is becoming. There is an endless source of winter inspiration during almost the whole year although the seasons do not coincide all over the Earth. When it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other way round.

The marvels of everyday communication

We can have a preview of what the weather and culture are like in other places of the world just by having access to certain devices that allow us to get in touch with other people all around the globe. This means that maybe you are having an amazing holiday in Brazil near the beach getting a suntan but still, you can have a look at how your acquaintances from Ireland are making snowmen with their friends and that is all because of the constant internet connectivity.

Winter from another point of view

There are probably not so many things that can surpass how great it is to have a real-time view of a snow-covered landscape right through the window, but sometimes you do not find yourself near a snowy place or winter has not come yet. Maybe you want to see that old German castle covered with this white, soft material and you cannot afford traveling to Germany. That is when you begin your search for a wintry dose of beautiful pictures.

Your winter and others’ winter

In the search for wintry images to fulfill your need of feeling warm and cozy, you might encounter pictures, drawings and other types of artwork that represent other winters that at least do not look exactly as the winter you know does. You can come across the fact that some flowers and plants can resist freezing weather when you stumble with a beautiful photography portraying roses withstanding the snow’s impact on their petals. You may also realize that as you did not know some features of winter in other places, people in those places may not know how the cold weather affects your place. Therefore, you decide to share with the world how beautiful the landscape near your house gets when autumn ends and by doing so, you contribute to the enormous source of stunning winter images there is at present.